Car Trouble

Since I’m working away and only have so much room in my head for gargoyles, I thought I’d share some of them with you. This is from Primal Hunger and Kennedy is about at the end of her rope when it comes to fighting her attraction to Tristan. And just a heads up, tomorrow the awesome Erin Nicholas is stopping by and answering a few questions.


“Do you know much about cars?” she asked when he started poking around under the hood. She tried to bite back as much of her skepticism as she could, which wasn’t much. It was either be skeptical or stare at his phenomenal ass, and the former seemed like a smarter move.

He spared her a sharp glance, but said nothing. She hovered over his shoulder, watching him check caps and fluid levels. She was opening her mouth to point out that she had known enough to check the obvious, when he straightened abruptly and pivoted on his heel, knocking into her.

Kennedy clutched the front of him to steady herself, her grip on his T-shirt seeming to drag him even closer. Too close. Heat radiated from him and his rich masculine scent overwhelmed her senses. She studied the strong column of his neck—she didn’t dare meet his gaze—thinking she’d like to press her mouth to the small scar where his neck met his shoulder.

His muscles tightened beneath her hand and a soft sound, almost a growl, rumbled in his chest. Then he moved past her, sliding behind the wheel of her car as though she hadn’t been a heartbeat from crossing the line. And running her tongue up his throat to meet his mouth definitely would have qualified.

As if she hadn’t already pushed her luck with him tonight.

Kennedy closed her eyes, leaned her forehead against the edge of the propped-up hood. If this kept up, she was seriously going to have to consider looking for a new job.

Drawing one more steadying, get-over-him-already breath, she edged around to the driver’s side. No matter how many times Tristan cranked the ignition, the engine didn’t turn over. An expression that bordered on desperation furrowed his brows.

He didn’t look at her when he climbed out, slamming the door behind him.

“If I’m keeping you from something or someone…” She trailed off, thinking of the slinky redhead she’d noticed him with earlier.

“You’re not.” His annoyed tone suggested otherwise.

“Look, if your cell is working I can just call a tow truck and you can be on your way.”

He turned around quickly, scanning the area for something. “Yours isn’t working?”

She shook her head. “No signal.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, tearing his gaze from across the street long enough to check the screen. He tilted the phone up as though it would suddenly capture whatever waves the damn things transmitted on.

“No reception either, huh?”

Shaking his head, he shoved the phone back in his pocket. He propped one hand on the edge of the hood, his expression wary.

Kennedy turned to follow his gaze, a chill darting up her spine as she searched the dark street behind her.

“I’ll give you a lift home.”

She wouldn’t have objected if he hadn’t sounded as though he’d rather lie down in the middle of the street and wait for the next car to run him over. “You know—”she reached into her car and grabbed her purse, “—I think I’ll just walk back to work and catch a ride with one of the girls.”

“Everyone’s gone already.”

She frowned. “Even Cale?” She swore the man slept at the bar most nights.

Tristan scowled. “My brother had plans. I’ll take you.” He didn’t wait for her to agree before opening the BMW’s passenger door.

Knowing she’d be stupid to refuse a second time, especially when the sensation of being watched continued to linger, she locked her car and joined him. The lowered roof gave her an uncompromised view of the convertible’s expensive interior. Still, she hesitated to slip into the black leather seat that looked soft enough to melt beneath her.

She turned her head in Tristan’s direction, disturbed to find him standing closer than she’d realized. Close enough that his thigh brushed hers, forcing her to tip her head back to meet his eyes. She might not have a water hose pointed at him now, but the fierce gaze he pinned her with made her wish she did.

He planted an arm on the car behind her, blocking her in. In case she changed her mind?

He leaned forward, and her pulse jumped as his rough jaw whispered across her cheek. She closed her eyes, a wave of delicious warmth uncoiling deep in her belly.

“Don’t forget to buckle up.”

Tristan was already rounding the front of the car when she realized he’d moved away from her. She sank into the seat and closed the door, resisting the urge to fan her face. Between the lingering humidity that promised a sheet-tangled sleep and her internal temperature skyrocketing, she had to be flushed from head to toe.

Hand on the door, Tristan froze.

“What’s wrong?”

He whipped around. The sound of a wild animal—a pissed off animal—rumbled on the air.

It wasn’t…coming from Tristan? Kennedy straightened to get a better look around.

Without warning, Tristan vaulted over the door and dropped into his seat. He shoved the key into the ignition and the car roared to life just as something sailed past the front of Kennedy’s face.