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Confessions of a Zombie Addict

So I have this thing for Zombies…

Those of you already shuddering don’t need to worry about me writing any Zombie romances. Not really my thing. But I can’t promise the undead might night factor into ideas Jaycee and I may bounce around when we’re ready to tackle a project together. Some of you know how she is with her dead bodies. 😉

Anyway, I have what Jeff some might call a slightly disturbing fascination with zombie shows (love the Walking Dead), movies and now video games. War video games aren’t usually my scene, until apparently I’m shown the Zombie level on Call of Duty where I (a.k.a my Russian gun-holding guy on the screen) gets to run around and take down the eerily creepy CGI undead. Oh and the flaming dogs too. Nothing says Zombie Game of Doom like flaming undead dogs, right?

Aside from thinking I can now talk with a believable Russian accent (can’t everybody?), you want to know the best part of my disturbing zombie fascination? It’s starting to rub off on Jeff.

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On the Loose

The one thing you forget about puppies is the hell fun of housebreaking. Simi was used to a very big field where she was raised her first three months. And although we have a big yard, we’re also on a corner with a fair bit of traffic in the morning and evenings. She gets skittish with the cars. A lot.

Treats seem to be helping. Treats, according to the many experts online, are the secret to the universe. I do wonder how people managed to train their dogs before the expert opinion involved positive reinforcement to the tenth power.  

I still have some interesting pics to post from my trip to Cincinnati, but my camera isn’t cooperating today. Thankfully I won’t have that problem with my shiny new iPhone. I totally caved this weekend and am loving my new toy. But the pics I took at Jungle Jim’s were hilarious. Never thought I’d ever see Hot and Horny BBQ sauce. And no, I’m not making that up. And that was the tamest name in their adult hot sauce section.

Oh, and did I mention that I got to chat with Nalini Singh during lunch? So awesome to meet one of my favorite authors and it was even cooler when she saw my name and commented on seeing some of my books around. I have no idea how I’d function attending RT with even more big names floating around.