Dear Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

You can keep your Nor’easter. Better yet, bring back the sun. I’m in no way ready to embrace months of cold and snow and more cold. Okay, so it does give me an excuse to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine or mug of frothy hot chocolate. But still…

Not that I can complain too much, because right now I’m tucked in bed with my laptop and Don’t Let Go rewrites while Master Chef is digging the snow blower out of the shed for the first time and clearing the driveway. I try to make sure he doesn’t see me watching him from the window, where I’m snug and warm with a blanket wrapped around me.

P.S If your looking for a quick read to take your mind off punishing us the weather business, the first book in my gargoyle series, Primal Instinct, is free!