By the Light of the Moon


By the Light of the Moon

Journalist Harley McKinnon thought her reporting days were over until she agrees to one last assignment on a mysterious adults only resort. The only catch—she needs someone to pose as her boyfriend. Her smokin’ hot neighbor seems like the obvious choice. Pretending to be in love with Cole won’t be a problem, but keeping her heart intact when the charade ends might be a different story.

Cole Windsor has been fighting his fierce attraction to Harley for months. When he insists on accompanying her, no one is more surprised than him. An island fling could be exactly what he needs to satisfy the beast-like craving to claim her as his own. Except their island paradise is more than it seems, and a treacherous werewolf pack bent on silencing Harley may force Cole to choose between protecting his secret and the one woman who tempts him like no other.

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Determined to find anything in the room to focus on besides the man too close for her peace of mind, Harley turned her attention to unpacking. “Maybe we should establish some ground rules.”

“Ground rules,” he echoed, following her to the bed where she’d left her suitcase.

Was that annoyance she detected in his voice? “Yeah, I mean we don’t want things to get…awkward or anything.” Anything being getting too attached to him.

A ghost of a smile caught his lips. “So what did you have in mind?”

Besides space, and lots of it?

She grabbed a stack of folded clothes and moved away from him. “Well, for starters I think we should save the affectionate displays for when we’re around other people and only when it’s absolutely necessary.”

Cole stayed on her heels, closing the dresser drawer after she dropped her clothes inside. He planted a palm on the edge of the wood. “Affectionate displays? Like kissing.”

Harley’s heart thumped faster, his sensually-charged proximity disturbing her in every way.  “Right,” she managed.

He eased closer, his voice softening. “But don’t you think we need to look comfortable with each other?”

She swallowed past the sudden dryness in her throat. “Why wouldn’t we already?”

“You froze up on the plane when I kissed you.”

Her chin shot up. “I did not. Besides, you caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“But that’s the thing. If the occasion calls for it, you have to be ready for it. Which is why a little practice might be in order.” His arms encircled her, the warmth from his palms burning into her lower back.

“Practice?” She could barely hear the sound of her voice over the lust-drenched alarm bell going off in her head. “I doubt every couple we cross paths with will be groping each other. Some people prefer to touch—”

His fingers traced a lazy path up her spine.

“—behind closed doors,” she finished a little too breathlessly.

“We’re not that type.”

They had a type?

“We’re the type,” Cole added, his hand sinking into her hair, “who doesn’t care who looks, who watches. Because the only thing that matters is how much we want each other.”

Her attention slipped to his mouth.

The tips of his fingers pressed into her nape, finding a pressure point that made her knees tremble. “You can’t be so jumpy around me.”

“I am not jumpy.”

Cole leaned in and scuffed his jaw across her cheek. Harley’s eyes slid shut, a delicious shudder rolling through her.

“See,” Cole whispered against her hair. “Jumpy.”