Caged Desire

Caged Desire

When a mysterious wooden crate is delivered to her door, Eve Blake is intrigued by the massive golden eagle inside. She’s all too familiar with creatures being more than they appear, yet nothing prepares her for the shapeshifter’s true form. Suspecting the dangerous immortal was locked away for a reason, Eve is reluctant to release him, no matter how fiercely she craves his touch.

Wrongfully imprisoned, Logan has spent half a century plotting his revenge against those who condemned him to spend eternity in a South American rainforest. But with one look at the alluring female who holds his freedom in her hands, vengeance quickly becomes the farthest thing from his mind.

Even if he can win her trust—and her heart—his past won’t release him without a fight.

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Eve didn’t move, didn’t so much as blink.

The sight of the very naked man crouched in the cage pushed her once useful heart into a full gallop. She didn’t need to double-check the cage to know the eagle wasn’t in there with him.

She cocked her head, her senses locking down the most obvious fact.
He wasn’t fully human.

A shapeshifter of some kind? A handful of times over the last two centuries she’d heard of immortals capable of shifting between human and animal form, but this was the first time she had ever encountered one. If indeed that’s what he was.

Eve realized the man hadn’t moved, his arm still outstretched through the bars. Her eyes followed the muscular slope of his shoulder, down his arm to where the crowbar lay only a couple inches from his fingers.

Not a chance. She kicked the bar across the floor. Until she knew who and what he was, she certainly wasn’t helping him out of the cage.

What almost sounded like a sigh escaped from the man’s lips. He pushed up to his full height, but was forced to duck a few inches. That put him a little over six feet since the cage was about that tall. Tangled black hair fell just past his shoulders and the same piercing amber eyes as the eagle stared back at her.

Eve shook her head and took a step closer, reassured by the bars. If he could get out on his own, he wouldn’t have needed the crowbar.

His unreadable gaze skimmed over her face and then down the front of her. His eyes lingered on her breasts a heartbeat longer than anywhere else before returning to her face to hold her stare.

A little unnerved, she shifted in place, ridiculously aware of the fact he was naked, only a few feet away, and…aroused? She couldn’t stop her gaze from dipping down past the powerful shoulders, his smooth chest and lower to—

The man in the cage angled away from her, giving her a rather enticing view of his behind. Most of his skin was covered in a thin layer of coal-colored dust, but not for a minute did it detract from the impressive masculinity of him. A strange looking brand marked the back of his right shoulder, and she moved closer to get a better look at it.

He pivoted around and gripped the bars, a hint of an amused smile touching his full lips. Almost politely he said, “I want out.”

Eve blinked at both the fact that he’d spoken and at the raw, gravelly sound of his voice.

Her lack of response brought his brows together. “Let. Me. Out.” Although firmer this time, there wasn’t anything threatening in his tone, but the primal edge to his expression told her just how dangerously serious he was.