No Kindle? No problem!

You may have noticed that some of my books are only available on Amazon (Say You’re Mine and Don’t Let Go for example) and that’s due to the exclusive contract I have with them. Right now Amazon is offering the best terms for me personally as an author. In the future I hope that other vendors will offer promotional opportunities that match Amazon so that I can have all of my books available everywhere.

In the meantime you have a few options if you don’t have a Kindle reading device.

1. Download a Kindle Reading App HERE for your pc/tablet/smartphone and buy the book from Amazon.

2. Buy the eBook on Amazon and email the receipt to with “EPUB Request” in the subject line. I’ll email you an EPUB copy within 24hrs.

3. Request a review copy. You may be eligible for an EPUB copy of my book in exchange for an honest review (as long or short as you like, I won’t judge *g*) posted on Amazon/Goodreads when you’re finished reading it. Send me an email for more details.

4. Absolutely hate Amazon? Message me and we’ll see what we can work out 🙂