New review for Watchtowers: Fire

These give me such a high!

“As feisty heroines go Opal Wolfe is one of the best. When it comes to immediate danger she dives in feet first, kicking butt until the threat concedes. Never does she ask for help and she will thank anyone for not interfering. In my opinion, this is a woman to admire. It is only fitting that Kaban is the man destined to be her mate. He has focus, determination, and a will that matches Opal’s. The action in Watchtowers: Fire never ends. When the hero and heroine are not battling personal demons, they are butting heads with an evil sorcerer, and somehow the two find time to fulfill their sexual desires. It is amazing what an author can achieve in a little over 100 pages. Ms. Somers delivers an action packed, sensual and quick read with Watchtowers: Fire, the latest in the Watchtower series. Although, this is the first one I’ve read of the series, I plan on going back to book one.” – Just Erotic Romance Reviews