Now Available – Primal Instinct

PrimalInstinct200x300On sale now for only 99¢! Barnes and Noble and Kobo still don’t have it listed yet, but Amazon and Smashwords (epub only) do! Looking for a PDF copy? Email me 🙂 

A little tease from Primal Instinct 🙂 

Post-traumatic stress disorder. Dissociation. Maybe even a complete psychotic break.

Any of those diagnoses might explain why Cori wasn’t freaking out that Ryker had broken into her apartment. But none of them could account for the sheer sense of calm that swept through her at his unexpected appearance, a soothing warmth that somehow heated all the cold and dark places deep inside her.

Because Ryker was here. Right in front of her.


She didn’t care that she’d lost her mind. Not when it meant feeling at peace in her own skin for the first time in months. No confusion. No suffering. No fear.

Nothing but the wild pounding of her heart that had nothing to do with being cornered and everything to do with the way Ryker’s eyes never left hers.

She knew people locked gazes, had read dozens of descriptions of it happening in books she’d picked up when she wasn’t studying, had watched it unfold in movies. But Ryker…his eyes weren’t just locked on hers, they were fused, sinking far below the surface.

Half-drunk on the intensity that nearly melted her feet to the floor, Cori stepped out of the shower, and let her towel drop.