Cancer changes nothing and everything

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on releases and what I’m working on. I took a big step back from social media last summer, which some of you may have noticed. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen off the grid. The internet break let me refill the creative well so-to-speak and I’ve been busy with a few projects, too many really. 🙂

And then last month happened.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My brain still trips up when I write those words, like it couldn’t possibly be me I’m talking about. I’m a healthy 41-year-old with a houseful of kids, an amazing husband and an over-active imagination. How in the hell did I get Cancer?

But it is what it is and I’m dealing.

The one thing I’ve learned so far is that cancer doesn’t change anything, and at the same time changes everything. My family and friends are still awesome and my kids can still be a total pain in the butt somedays, and surprisingly laundry still gets backed up when I ignore it.

And then there are a hundred ways I look at things differently, everything from how much time I’m spending with my kids, to the food I’m eating and focusing on things that make me happy (like my writing) and not letting fear eat away at me. Somedays I lose that particular battle, but most of the time I like to think I’m kickin’ ass in that department 🙂

I’ve had a lot of doctors appointments and everyone has been awesome and optimistic about my prognosis, and I’m now waiting for surgery followed by radiation treatments later this spring/summer. I won’t know whether or not chemo is a sure thing until after the little bastard tumor is removed and they run some more tests.

I’m a wee bit of an introvert and don’t often share a lot of personal details online outside of talking/bragging/ranting about my books and kids, but if even one of my readers is going through the same thing, or knows someone who is, then maybe getting a little more personal can make someone else out there feel a little less alone. Maybe a little less scared. Because cancer is scary shit.

So expect more posts from me. About my writing, my kids and Cancer. And to keep myself from getting overwhelmed on social media, I’m sticking primarily to my blog and my official Facebook Page. Since Facebook loves to screw with who actually sees page posts, the best way to make sure you’re not missing anything is to 1. Select “see first” in the Following dropdown menu at the top of my FB page or 2. Like/comment/share posts to convince FB you actually want to see my posts.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you guys soon!