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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, You can keep your Nor’easter. Better yet, bring back the sun. I’m in no way ready to embrace months of cold and snow and more cold. Okay, so it does give me an excuse to curl up with a good book and […]

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A little taste…

From my work in progress, Twice as Wicked… Ethan took another step forward and she forced herself to hold her ground. “I need you to get in the car, Josselyn,” he said softly, but the determined gleam in his eye warned her that more was […]

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Now Available – Primal Instinct

On sale now for only 99¢! Barnes and Noble and Kobo still don’t have it listed yet, but Amazon and Smashwords (epub only) do! Looking for a PDF copy? Email me 🙂  A little tease from Primal Instinct 🙂  Post-traumatic stress disorder. Dissociation. Maybe even a […]

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